Call me Ukuleleism.

To sum everything up, music is my life. I enjoy listening, making, composing, reviewing, and critiquing all types of music. I am talented on more than 5 instruments, including cello, string bass, ukulele, guitar, and piano. (I also play mandolin, bass guitar, harmonica, didgeridoo, and braguinha, but those are more for fun.)

Some of my favorite bands/artists include, listed by genre,

Lady Gaga
Cobra Starship
David Guetta
Adele (<333)
Bruno Mars

Rock/Classic Rock
Jimi Hendrix
The Beatles
Led Zep

Green Day
The Used
My Chemical Romance
Taking Back Sunday
Streetlight Manifesto
All-American Rejects
We the Kings

Foo Fighters
Foster The People

Travie McCoy
Flo Rida

Duke Ellington
Louis Armstrong

Taylor Swift
Toby Keith
Rascal Flatts

There's many more bands and artists I like, and enjoy ALL parts of their songs.

From the Music Stand of Ukuleleism

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