…….waz goin on?

Ukuleleism is gonna be a co-written album review blog, started by my bro Jacob. I’m the other guy. Name’s James. I’ve been a huge fan of a vast variety of music for a long time; I play guitar, piano, alto sax, a bit of drums, and whatever else I can find that emits sound. You’ll see all types of reviews from me, ranging from alternative, indie, jazz, rock, acoustic, electronic, techno, house, you name it, even metal to some extent. You won’t find country or rap here (can’t stand either of ‘em.) I’ma be posting new album reviews every Friday, so tune in then. I also might throw in some minor reviews (EPs or just songs I like) at random points throughout the week.

The reviews will usually follow a consistent formula – general overview of an album followed by a TBTR (Track by Track Review). I will rate each song out of 10, then list my recommendations for specific songs at the end of the review.

Now that you have the basics, I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll keep ya posted.




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